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Kas is an historic harbour town approximately a half hour drive from Kalkan along a magnificent winding coastal road, enabling passengers to take in some of the most breathtaking views along this coast.  There are a number of small beaches en-route to stop for swimming or sunbathing, the most famous of which is Kaputas. The climb down to the beach via the numerous stairs is really well worth it as the beach provides the most fabulous sunbathing and swimming.

We are happy to offer a selection of villas on the Kas Peninsula, an area designated by the Turkish government as one of natural beauty.  Aside from the stunning scenery, it is not unusual to see tortoises pottering along the road, turtles swimming in the clear azure sea and from time to time dolphins will come to visit!

The very charming old town of Kas is a walk away and some visitors may prefer to have a car. However, there is a bus (dolmus) service which runs half hourly, through the day, until just past midnight from the peninsula to town. The old town of Kas is home to a wonderful selection of delightful restaurants, and cafes, many of which are hidden away in gardens!  There are also numerous 

shops selling everything from Turkish rugs and kilims, to fashion, jewellery and handbags.  You will also find a number of waterfront bars. Gulet cruises are available at the waterfront on a daily basis for swimming and snorkelling trips. Kas is a great destination for scuba diving or parasailing down from a local mountain directly to the marina.  The Greek island of Meis can be visited by boat trip from Kas and some visitors choose to overnight there. Kas has a very rich history and a visit to its ancient amphitheatre is a must.  Above the town, ancient Lycian tombs built into the rocky hillside are illuminated at night, and hikers can explore local stretches of the 500km
Lycian Way.  

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